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HomeLet Insurance

Landlord's Protection

Premier HomeLet understands the risks associated with the rental market and design policies that protect you and your investment.

Because every client views the risks associated with investment property difference we provide a variety of specialist insurance covers to meed their needs.

Why do i need...

Limited Contents Cover

Peace of mind for property investors.

Limited Contents is ideal cover for landlords with unfurnished or part furnished properties. It covers specific items such as carpets, curtains, light fixtures and fittings and kitchen white goods on a new for old basis.

Additional benefits include 90 days full cover for unoccupied properties in between tenancies, loss of rent and landlord's and employer's liability.

Legal Expenses

For less than the cost of an initial consultation with a specialist solicitor, we offer £50,000 cover for all legal costs involved in arranging the eviction of tenants who have defaulted on their tenancy agreement or unauthorised occupants.

Once we have accepted your claim, we will do the rest.

Rent Guarantee and Legal Expenses

We help by protecting your income / investment. Where a tenant fails to pay the rent and you require financial recompense and assistance with eviction then this cover is ideal. Premier HomeLet will pay you the rent expected, subject to an excess, and provide up to £50,000 Legal Expenses cover.

Emergency Assistance

Covers the cost of a contractor's call out in certain emergency situations. Covers parts, labour and materials up to £500 (inc. VAT).

We then take the call and deal with the emergency so you don't have to. 24/7, you or your tenant can call our Emergency Assistance Service

Preimer HomeLet Referencing

Referencing and Rent Guarantees should be the starting point for any let. The key factor to the success of a tenancy is the suitability of the tenant and, as we all know, selecting the right tenant requires objective assessment.

Premier HomeLet Referencing provides everything from a credit check to a full reference at low cost giving you that essential peace of mind.

Legal Expenses

£50,00 of cover

You may be unable to collect your rent, your tenants may not vacate the property and you may need to evict unauthorised occupiers. All these problems can be resolved by legal action but this is expensive. We cover all of your legal requirements up to £50,000

Rent Guarantee and Legal Expenses

£10,50 per month minimum premium

Total Peace of mind for landlords. If the tenant fails to pay the rent, we will pay the rent you are expecting from your property until vacant posession is obtained (for up to 12 months and exclusing the first

month's lost rent). Additionally, we will pay 50% of the rent for up to 3 months after vacant possession has been obtained, shilst a new tenant is found. Full legal expenses are included (see Legal Expens
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