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Moving In

Tenants will need to make an appointment to sign the tenancy agreement at the offices of Homelets during our normal office opening hours.

All of the tenants will need to be present.
All tenants will be issued with 1 full set of keys only for the property. If additional keys are required the tenant will be responsible for all costs.
An inventory will be drawn up by Homelets and signed by all parties which will list all fixtures, fittings and furniture (if provided) and their condition.
The inventory will be checked by the tenant, with the tenant to contact Homelets within 72 hours if any discrepancies are present.
Please take this opportunity to ask any questions you may have regarding the property (Central heating, Gas, Electric, Stop cock Location etc)
The meter reading will be recorded for Gas and Electric. It is the tenants responsibility to inform the suppliers of their moving in date before tenancy commences and to ensure that all services are switched on. Please note that in some properties token meters are installed and require adequate credit to enable electric and gas to be available. Homelets will not be responsible under any circumstances for any tenant who moves into a property without gas or electric.

Alternatively you can Download all the Tenants Information in one printable document (PDF). To view the PDF document you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.
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